Tuesday 15th October, 2019

Addonics Data Storage Solutions at Aimtec


Addonics Technologies incorporated in 1998 provide innovative, high quality, cost effective data storage solutions for multiple operating system platforms.

Most of the Addonics products are designed to connect to different interface technologies - USB, Firewire, Serial ATA, CardBus, SCSI, and IDE.

If you need a data storage solution in a specific application that standard products cannot meet, chances are Addonics have a solution Aimtec can deliver.

You purchase products from our Addonics online shop:

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Sun Ray™ Notebook Solutions

JavaA Sun Ray™ client contains no local data or operating system, which makes any data loss minimal, virtually immune to virus attacks and an unattractive target for theft. All the data displayed onscreen disappears when the client is switched off or the SMART access card is removed.

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