Tuesday 15th October, 2019

About Aimtec Ltd

Aimtec has evolved into a leading supplier of innovative, high quality Sun Ray™ OEM solutions plus a broader range of flexible storage solutions based on a variety of storage technologies for multiple software platforms.

Focusing on high quality products that offer real value to our customers, backed up with proactive support from both Aimtec staff and our suppliers helps protect customer's investment in our solutions.

In these challenging times of data security we at Aimtec understand the requirements for Sun Ray™ Notebook technology and have a strong history of working with Sun and Sun OEM partners throughout the world to deliver this secure cost effective technology.

The Aimtec product portfolio includes a dynamic and flexible range of data storage solutions from Addonics. Incorporated in 1998 Addonics provide innovative, high quality, cost effective data storage solutions for multiple operating system platforms. If you need a data storage solution in a specific application that standard products cannot meet, chances are Addonics have a solution Aimtec can deliver.

For information on 100% compatible Sun Ray™ OEM solutions including our range of Sun Ray™ notebooks and future products or the entire Addonics data-storage product range please contact us at Aimtec and we will be happy to advise you.