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Tuesday 15th October, 2019

Sun Ray™ Notebook Solutions

A Sun Ray™ Laptop is secure & resilient containing no local data and therefore minimising data loss. Both Gobi7 and Gobi8 laptops possess the below main features and benefits.

sunray benefits

Work@ Anywhere Connectivity

Gobi Sun Ray Notebook users can remote access from anywhere via either wired Ethernet or 802.11 g Wi-Fi. In addition to the Gobi7 is the new 3.5G enabled model, Gobi8. Gobi8 supports 3.5G high-speed connection and works as a back-up solution to environments where both wired and wireless networks are not available. 3.5G connectivity is the next step towards future technology features of the Work@Anywhere concept.

Secured Computing Solutions

Both Gobi7 and Gobi8 were developed according to Sun Ray™ 2FS architecture. There's no storage or removable media inside the Gobi7/Gobi8. Therefore, data files and corporate intellectual property are well protected against theft, or attack by virus/worm, or hacker. Using smart card as user's authentication, the built-in hardware VPN also provides enterprise users with additional security when accessing public internet.

Flexibility & Mobility

Wherever there's an accessible or authorized network, just plug-and-work with the Gobi7 or Gobi8. Remote access to your data, applications or web content (subject to Sun Ray server privileges) at anytime from anywhere through a secured VPN tunnel. Fully compatible and interchangeable with other Sun Ray clients to maximise flexibility.

Multiple Network Options

Having the built-in wired Ethernet and wireless 802.11g networking features, the Gobi7 & Gobi8 supports corporate users accessing data remotely and securely no matter where they are. For frequent travellers, having faster connection to centralized data is important. Gobi8 has an additional PC card slot supporting high-speed data transmission via 3.5G HSDPA networks.

Full after sales Customer Support

Protect and maximise your investment in Sun Ray™ computing with 2nd & 3rd year extended warranty service plans. Each Gobi Sun Ray™ notebook has as standard, a full twelve month warranty.

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Lower cost of ownership

  • Centralized Desktop Admin & Management
  • Eliminate desktop maintenance costs
  • No operating system or desktop application software to upgrade
  • Simple setup or replacement
  • Small compact footprint
  • Low power consumption

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